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The Student in Quebec : 1965-1971

Having a certain gift for languages, Vladimir did not take too long to learn French and he became so well integrated in the Quebec culture that he decided to settle there and start a family. The birth, in 1965, of a first son coincided with his decision to embark on an entirely new adventure, that of full-time studies at the Quebec School of Fine Arts.

The Old Fine Arts School in Quebec City
He enrolled in the graphic arts program, because a responsible father must ensure his family is well provided for... He thought that it would be a lot easier to find a secure and lucrative job as a commercial artist than as a painter. And, to have more than one string to his bow, after obtaining his Fine Arts diploma, he went on to get himself a teaching certificate in plastic arts from Université Laval.

Amongst other excellent professors, the one who exerted the deepest influence on him is Antoine Dumas, for whose art and educational qualities he had the greatest admiration. It was during his last academic year that the School of Fine Arts, located on Saint-Amable street in Quebec City, moved temporarily to the Académie de Québec in Sainte-Foy, to finally move later on and for good to its permanent location on the Université Laval campus and adopt its new name of École des arts visuels (School of Visual Arts). So, Vladimir was a student and is the holder of a diploma from the old École des Beaux-Arts de Québec.

Two major events marked that period devoted to studies. First, a second son, Martin, was born in 1967. Then, the following year, he went with his whole family on a year-long trip which took him to Europe, North Africa and America, seeking to broaden his horizons. The trip, extremely enriching in every regard, made him realize how great a country Canada was, and that it would be hard to find a better place to live. So he happily and enthusiastically came back to Quebec to finish his studies.
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The Man and the Artist: 1971-1997